TO DO in Amsterdam

To Warm you up a little bit

for your adventurous holiday on a Houseboat in the Center of the Jordaan

(the morst wanted area of Amsterdam)



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  • The houseboat lays on the Brouwersgracht (one of the main canals the so called Canal District) and in the centre of the Jordaan, one of the most wanted area in Amsterdam. A idyllic quiet spot although only 100 meters walk from shops, cafe's and restaurants.
  • See the Panoramic view over Brouwersgracht / Prinsengracht
  • 15 min walk from Central Station or taxi 7,50
  • to the other centers 15 min walk (or with the bike a couple of minutes) like Damsquare  with his Palaceand monument,Red Light Districta major tourist attraction, Leidschesquare and Rembrandtsquare famous nightlife;


  • Why the Jordaan called the Jordaan:
    Many people wonder where the name Jordaan comes from. The most heard explanation is that the word has been derived from the French jardin (garden). The French immigrants of the 17th century might have called the district Jardin, because the most of the streets of the Jordaan are named after to flowers.
  • In earlier times, when this canal was still used for freight, was living on a houseboat a sign of poverty. Nowadays it is the most trendy way of living especiality for artists and musicians.
  • The Jordaan was a former working area. The warehouses are now for yuppies and is the most wanted area if you don't have children. The prices of an appartment or a big houseboat are between € 400.000,- and € 600.000,- for only 85 m2. A whole Canalhouse is more than a milion.
  • Rembrandt lived the last years of his life in the Jordaan
  • This is the famous Canal belt and they call it "Venice of the North" so take an Venetian gondola tour through the Canals of the Jordaan
  • When you walk on the canal look up, to the momental buildings with different kind of Gables and Artistic Stone Tablets. Also the famous Amsterdammertje symbolic for amsterdam is not missing.
  • And our good friend the Heron likes cheese and ofcourse fish or meat.
  • This neighbourhood feels like a village within a big city. And specialy early in the morning or evening a serenity hangs over the canals. Romantic bridges and authentic lampposts.



It's a little bit magical. A unique piece of nature between the famous beautiful historical canal houses in the hart of the Jordaan. The comfort of a home and the freedom of a ship.

The Jordaan is the most characterful place of the city and is described in countless songs and books, It is also the most celebrated neighbourhood in the Netherlands. And offers a wide variety of fun and special shops and galleries. Many Café’s and Restaurants.
You can enjoy feeding the various waterfowl/swans/goose/
heronand other birds and ducks who visit every day. Watching the boats go by, it is a top way of experiencing Amsterdam

SAILING through the canals of Amsterdam :
Shopping and Sightseeing begins around the corner,  100 meters and there begins the longest shopping promenade : Five streets in a row
  • Haarlemmerdijk with Cafe's, Restaurants, nice little shops, but also 3 Supermarkets It is a very old Centre so the shops are very small but have charm. Specialized delicatesse shops
  • Haarlemmerstreet here you will find more shops, most of them are food and a lot of coffeeshops for soft drugs or lunch.
  • Nieuwendijk a lot of food and sexshops. and Fashion shops
  • Kalverstraat Fahsion shops.
  • Leidsestreet,Fashion shops with the department store Metz for a High tea
    sightseeings and worth while tourist attractionson you will find on this nice what is today "in" and whether the trend will be tomorrow 


(100 meters walk from the houseboat)

  • Saturday
    Lindenmarkt– 9.00 - 16.00 you will have food and fruits of the best quality – fresh fish, excellent cheese, good vegetables, as well as clothes, general goods,flowers, bicycles, DVD’s. and 
    Noordermarkt" - 9.00 - 15.00 (100m walk) The Farmers Market is so popular, that it draws crowds not only from the Jordaan, but also from the whole city. and even outside the city
  • Monday
    Westermarkt 9.00 - 13.00 most fabrics and food and again the Noordermarkt farmer market (see above)
  • Wednesday
    Haarlemmerplein 10:00 tot 17:00 also a
    Farmer market with biological products 



approx 250, eating cafe's and take-aways in the Jordaan (within 1 km)

something special

  • the nicest place to eat - with the ambiance of the Cinema - Haarlemmerdijk 161-165 The  around the corner

  • also around the corner Cafe Oranjerie Binnen Oranjestraat 15 a small cosy restaurant.

  • SeaPalace - Chinese  (near central station)


  • hundreds of cafe's in the Jordaan area: I can recommand these two, thay are the best
    • Cafe Brouwersgracht 107-108 is a lively pub and not only frequented by locals but by people from all over Amsterdam.
    • De Binnen Oranjestraat 15 this ‘brown’ café in a side street of the Brouwersgracht has specialty beers that people, everyone from old men to trendy students, come from far and wide. It is also a small cosy restaurant.
    • more bars nearby - noorderkerk square / prinsengracht / haarlemmerdijk



On Haarlemmerdijk you will find many coffeeshops for lunch and softdrugs like the best in townBarney's , Dampkring  . Tourist are still welcome

Nightlife- Rembrandt Square - Leische Square

nightlife amsterdan - 10



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There are three bikes availale on the houseboat. If you need more bikes than you can rent it at Brouwersgracht 79 for 10,- per day Phone 0031-20-6245509 .see bike ride jordaan



easy to reach
  1. Anne Frank House ( 750 meters walk) a major tourist attraction


  • Prinsengracht side streets f the Prinsengract / Herengracht / Keizersgracht: - You will find here the most most peculiar shops you ever seen
    • Reestraat - Berenstraat - Runstraat
    • Gasthuismolensteeg - Oude Spiegelstraat - Wijde Heisteeg
    • Hartenstraat - Wolvenstraat - Huidenstraat

    Hop on hop off see the city in one day and see all the major attractions of the city.